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Pre-Printed Metal Tags

We provide pre-printed tags to customers who do not want to invest in the purchase of tag printing equipment. We will pre-print tags to your specifications at factory and ship them to you packaged in boxes.

You can even provide your tag data to us in an Excel spreadsheet and our software will read it directly to produce your tags.

  • No Capital Investment
  • Convenient
  • Any Quantity
  • Expedited Service Available
  • We pre-print UID tags with your information
  • Contact Wright & Wood for Pricing and delivery information.

Pre-printed tags can contain text, barcodes, logos and graphics, automatically incremented serial numbers and more. Tags can have punched holes or slots as required by your application.

All pre-printed tags are produced to our exacting quality standards. Barcodes can optionally be verified immediately after printing to ensure reliable scanning in your facility. Prior to packaging, each roll can optionally be processed through our final computer-controlled verification station to prevent duplication and/or missing tag sequences.

Tags available for pre-print:

  • InfoTag®
  • PermaLabel®
  • X-Tag™
  • Color Coated Tags
  • Etc.