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Pic-Anneal® Metal Tags

PIC-ANNEAL® tag was developed for barcode tracking to withstand the rigors of pickling and annealing processes. PIC-ANNEAL® tag can survive immersion in a 20% sulfuric acid solution at 180oF (82oC) for 2 hours or a 24% hydrochloric acid solution at 100oF (38oC) for 2 hours. The laser marked PIC-ANNEAL® tag will survive annealing temperatures of 1800oF (822oC) for 2 hours and 1400oF (760oC) for 48 hours.

PIC-ANNEAL®tag is made out of .008” (.203mm) thick 430 stainless steel with both side coated. The tag is supplied in continuous rolls in 3” width and up to 24” length, pre-nicked & notched for easy break off after printing, with holes and/or slots as required.

Suitable Laser Markers: -LL 1000, LL 3030LL2800
Applications: – Pickling & Annealing Process