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Info-Tint™ ColoredTag

INFO-TINT™ Colored Tag was developed to display automated barcode and tracking information on tags which can flag product types. INFO-TINT™ Colored metal tags can withstand the rigors of high temperature and other harsh environments.INFO-TINT™ Color and Laser Markings have the ability to survive temperatures exceeding 1800oF (982oC) for 2 hours and 1700oF (927oC) for over two weeks. INFO-TINT™ Colored tags are available in Blue, Green and Yellow. The special color coating is applied to .008” think 430 stainless steel that comes standard in coils 3” wide. The coated tag material comes nicked and notched in several standard lengths with holes or without holes.

InfoSight Tag Printers – LabeLase®1000, LabeLase®2800 Series,are ideal forhigh quality 1D & 2D barcodes, High Contrast Text and Graphics.

Suitable Laser Markers: – LL 1000,LL2800
Applications: -Special Purpose Colored Metal Tags!!