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InfoTag® MetalTags

InfoSight Corporation invented InfoTag®Metal Tags in 1994 and lead the market that revolutionized the steel industry.InfoTag®High Temperature Metal Tags are .008” (.2 mm) thick using 430 series stainless steel and it can be affixed to products up to 1800oF (1000oC).

InfoTag®Medium Temperature Metal Tags with one / two holes can be affixed to products up to 1400oF (760oC) and InfoTag®Low Temperature Metal Tags which can withstand temperature up to 750oF (400oC).

InfoTag® Metal Tags are available in 3” (76 mm) and 4” (102 mm) tag widths. The tag length can be up to 24” (610 mm) and can have up to 8 barcodes. InfoTag® Metal Tags can be fixed on the products by nailing, wiring or welding.

Suitable Laser Markers: – LL 1000, LL2800, LL 3030
Applications: – Slabs, Billets, Coils