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AlumaTag™ Identification Tags for Aluminum Ingots and Logs!!

AlumaTag™ is a higher temperature aluminum barcode tag designed to be affixed to molten aluminum ingots and logs.AlumaTag™ will also survive homogenizing furnaces up to 1100oF, insuring positive identification throughout processing.

AlumaTag™ metal barcode tags are made from .010” (.25mm) thick high temperature aluminum alloy strip, coated with a white laser-markable coating.

AlumaTag™ is supplied in continuous rolls 3” (76mm) wide and up to 300 feet (91 Meters) long. The rolls have already been nicked and notched to the exact tag length required from 1” to 24” long, for automatic feeding through the printer. Slots, holes and bend indicators are available and 4” (102 mm) widths are also possible depending on the printer model.

AlumaTag™ metal tags can be manually fastened to the hot product by direct-casting into the ingot, or by nailing, wiring, stud welding, etc.

InfoSight Tag Printers – LabeLase®1000, LabeLase®2800 Series,are ideal forhigh quality 1D & 2D barcodes, High Contrast Text and Graphics.

Suitable Laser Markers: – LL 1000, LL2800
Applications: -Aluminum Ingots and Logs!!