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Perma label ®

PermaLabel is the most durable print-on-demand Metal Barcode Tag available!  Scuff – Proof Identification!!

PermaLabel ® tag is made from specially treated anodized aluminum with a tough, virtually mar-proof finish. High contrast black barcodes, logs, graphics and text are imaged directly on the light background by low power CO2 laser.

In addition to being incredibly resilient to mechanical impact and abrasion, PermaLabel ® has been exhaustively tested in a broad range of chemicals, solvents, and environmental extremes. Industrial manufacturers and independent testing laboratories have found PermaLabel® to be unmatched in terms of durability, flexibility and overall value.

PermaLabel ® is ideal for permanent asset labeling in harsh environments and can have high quality 1D & 2D bar-codes and meets AIM and UID specifications. Its high contrast text makes easy for human reading, excellent company logos & bitmap graphics. PermaLabel ® is Scuff Proof, UV stable & Weather Resistant, impervious to a wide range of chemicals and solvents. It can withstand High Temperature rating up to 1000oF (550oC).

PermaLabel® is supplied in continuous rolls in 3” width and up to 24” length, Pre-nicked & Notched for easy break off after printing, with holes and/or slots as required. Most common sizes are 3” x 1”, 3” x 2” & 3” x 3”. Also PermaLabel ® is available in Single Die Cut Tags. PermaLabel ® can be attached with pressure – sensitive adhesive, structural adhesive (Eg:Hysol), rivets or wire clips.

PermaLabel® tags can be designed easily with user friendly LabeLase®Producer™ Software.

Suitable Laser Markers: – JM 410, LL 1000, LL 3030,LL2800
Applications: – Asset LabelingProduct Identification!!