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Label Lase®

Non-Contact, Bar Code Printing Directly On Products

The LabeLase® Marking System offers a practical and cost effective alternative to manually stenciling products in an industrial environment. This system utilizes two of InfoSight’s proven technologies to create a revolutionary marking solution. Using an ink spray nozzle to lay down a patch of white and then marking it with a high power CO2 laser, the LabeLase® system provides the ability to put a bar code, logo and man-readable characters directly on hot or ambient products without using a tag or label. The text and bar code data can be downloaded from a host computer or can be keyboard entered from the InfoSight standard terminal provided.

The LabeLase® Marking System can mark on various materials including ceramics, glass and metals. Structural integrity of the material is maintained during this marking application due to the non-contact marking. The only consumable is the ink that is sprayed as the initial step in the process. Major labor savings can be gained over hand stenciling. Consistent high quality bar codes and characters will help in meeting ISO9000 requirements. The equipment is robust enough to withstand any industrial situation.