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Infodent® ID8400

Programmable Dot Matrix Marking System:-

  • Automatic multiple pin marking system for HOT or COLD stamping applications.
  • Print Permanent Marks on rough or uneven surfaces for long term product traceability.
  • Programmable character sizes, fonts etc.
  • Download marking information from a host system or enter data manually via keyboard.
  • High Speed Printing – Print multiple lines of text in seconds.  Based on 12 mm tall characters and 2 rows of 4 impact pins per row, the ID 8400 can print 16 characters in 4 seconds.
  • Designed for Severe Mill Environments – The ID 8400 was developed specifically for the steel industry where reliable operation under severe mill conditions is an absolute requirement.
  • Completely enclosed marking head allows the ID 8400 to be mounted in any orientation.
  • Heavy Duty matrix positioning mechanism enables precise dot placement and repeatability.
  • Pin Cartridge Configurations and Impact Pins – Number of Pins and Spacing are based on message to be marked.  Choose from a variety of Pins Sizes, Pin Material (Powered Steel, Carbide) cone angle.