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FlagTag ™ 2951 Application

InfoSight’s Model 2951 FlagTag™ Metal Tag Marker and Applicator uses a moving, focused CO2 laser beam to darken the pre-coated (white) tag surface to produce high definition black characters, bar codes, or even logos. The text and bar code data is downloaded from the host computer or entered from an operator terminal. The resultant tag is then automatically sheared and mig welded to slabs, billets or blooms.

Tag material is contained on a roll external of the machine. A roll of high temperature tag stock is fed into the machine. The stock consists of 1.25″ wide, .008″ thick stainless steel specially coated to withstand high temperatures. The tag stock is unwound from a 100lb. roll and drawn into the Model 2951 marker. An uncoiler for the tag stock is provided. Once the data is downloaded to the Model 2951 marker, the 3″ to 5″ long (configurable) tag is then printed and sheared to length. In the second operation, the Model 2951 marker positions the tag with respect to the bottom edge of the product and applies (via Mig weld), the tag to the end face. The Model 2951 marker system consists of an electronics cabinet, the marker/applicator, the uncoiler, and an operator’s terminal.

  •  Consistent, High Quality Bar Codes Meet AIM Specifications
  • Non-Contact Metal Tag Marking
  • Rugged Marked Tag Survives High Temperatures (870°C/ 1600°F)
  • High Reliability
  • Low Cycle Time 15 Seconds (Proprietary Concurrent Operations Involved)
  • Proven Reliable Mig Welding
  • Significant Labor Savings (Fully Automatic)
  • Rugged Construction