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Optic Code® Vision Barcode Reader

Bar codes offer fast and accurate means of collecting product data during the manufacturing process, effectively implementing Computer Integrated Manufacturing into the workplace. Historically, there was no practical way to accomplish bar code reading at a distance.

Now OptiCode® Vision Bar Code Reader, designed by InfoSight, uses a standard CCD Shutter Camera to read bar codes. Long (200mm) lenses can be used to read bar codes beyond the range of laser scanners. The system’s video monitor can be used to assist an operator in positioning the camera using an optional pan/tilt/zoom mechanism.


  • Runout Table Reading From a Distance up to 50 feet
  • Read From Carriers
  • Read From Cranes
  • Track Material From Casting to Stock to Rolling
  • Efficient Inventory Taking Using Industry Standard Readers

Additional Features

  • Self-Calibrating
  • EEPROM For Storage of Configuration Data (if required)
  • Reads Industry Standard Bar Codes
  • CODE 128
  • CODE 39
  • Capable of Reading Custom-Designed Bar Codes